Chronicling Malfeasance, Incompetence and Corruption in City Government

Court Watch Volunteers Needed
City Hall points the finger at the courts for light sentencing in criminal cases. Stop Crime SF has a new volunteer initiative to get concerned residents to visit the courthouse and evaluate for themselves if justice is being served. Let our local judges know we San Franciscans are watching.

Public Servants Are Not Celebrities
City Hall honored Michael Tilson Thomas by renaming a block of Grove Street "MTT Way." At the naming ceremony Mayor Breed and Congresswoman Pelosi were hot to trot to get the limelight and associate themselves with something wonderful about our City while hundreds of human beings lay in the neighboring streets. 

Goodbye Reparations
For now, San Francisco declines to pursue reparations. Mayor Breed announced her forthcoming budget will no longer include funding for the SF Reparations committee, which has fulfilled its mission to produce a report with recommendations for rectifying racial injustices by paying African American descendants of American chattel slaves living in the City. 

Read with Caution: 
Open Letter Supporting DA Boudin from SF Residents
The new campaign to support Boudin “Safer for All” is already proving we San Franciscans will be entreated to a broad range of personalities and ideologies with little help to understand our criminal justice system. 

First, let’s dispense with the argument that the recall effort is undemocratic because it seeks to overturn the will of voters in November 2019. As a point of fact, the people of SF--no matter how we felt about Boudin--could not have begun to circulate a recall petition until after his first year in office. This is election law in our City. A recall campaign is itself a democratic, grassroots effort, and an important one at that.

Viral SF Corruption Meme Reveals True Resident Sentiment
In true San Francisco fashion, we residents laugh at our city's culture of corruption. 

An image circulating on the web lets SF residents create their own corruption scandal by mixing and matching familiar terms. Using your birthdate and name, you can generate a random political corruption statement and then laugh or cry as the results sometimes match too closely to reality. 
SF Turning Tenderloin into a Ghetto
The Tenderloin Becoming a Horror Show

Imagine walking down 24th Street in San Francisco’s Noe Valley and seeing a row of tents. The tents are far less than 6-feet apart and barely leave room for pedestrians. What would happen? A flood of 311 calls would follow and city officials would promptly remove the tents on health grounds. Read More

San Francisco’s Gross Tax Rewrite Removed from Ballot
San Francisco is anticipating a $1.1 billion to $1.7 billion deficit through the end of June 2022 as sales, use, hotel, and transfer taxes decline. The city has been under a shelter-in-place order since March 17, which is now scheduled to lift May 3. Read More
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